If you follow us on Facebook (Abraham Yang Photography), you probably remember reading about these two. They met us at a bridal show earlier this year, and though we were way out of their budget, they still decided they should sit down with us to see if we couldn’t work out something that could fit within their budget. We met one evening at the ABC in Norcross, and seriously, it was as if we were sitting down with old friends (I’m pretty sure we talked until the place closed). Nilou is a portrait of the kind of bride we love: she highly values our work and recognizes that we’re worth what we’re asking, but she’s not afraid to sit us down and do a little bit of negotiating.

Nilou and Jordan actually met in college, I believe. Jordan is originally from the Chicago area, which is how he met Nilou. If my memory serves me right, I believe they met while Nilou was in school there. Nilou is currently an optometrist, and Jordan works in insurance. Do you all believe that the perfect mate exists for every one of us? I do. My husband is not perfect, but he is perfect for me, and in the same way, Nilou and Jordan are perfect for each other. Where Nilou exudes a quiet grace and may seem a little more reserved, Jordan is outgoing and loquacious. While filming their engagement session, we had him talk nonsense just so we could check the sound, and I’m pretty sure he literally said something to the effect that he can talk about nothing forever. It’s true. We have proof. :)

Anyway…two unique aspects about this shoot: 1) Jordan is obsessed with Jordans–the shoes. I forgot how many pairs he owns, but we thought it’d be neat to include this. And 2) Jordan rides a bike, and he loves it (to Nilou’s chagrin). Thus, we HAD to get a bike shot, and we’re even more excited about a really cool idea Abe has for a shot with the bike at their wedding this weekend!!!

About the shoot: we started out the day at Piedmont Park and then headed back to Jordan’s condo to have them change so we could do a few more shots…and then it rained. And it poured. And we ended up having to cut the shoot short with plans to reschedule. We did manage to catch the sunset as the rain clouds dissipated, which is why Abe was able to get a few amazing shots with incredible lens flares. Kudos to this guy. He never ceases to amaze me with his abilities! Yup. He’s my husband. :)